UX UI Design

Motivation through wellness

Motivapp seeks to promote the search for well-being through dynamic, stimulating and practical tools that create healthy habits. For a while this has worked with a business approach, tailored content for each employee of a company (B2B model).

Now you want to include this content for anyone who signs up for Motivapp (B2C model).

Marketing landing pages

For the B2C model, a landing page had to be designed that explained more about what Motivapp offers people, the content that can be obtained and the subscription plans available.

Similarly, for the B2B model, a landing page was designed with the same sections as the B2C model plus a section that showed the benefits of associating Motivapp with your company.

Back office redesign

Once you registered, the user divided his stay on the platform between reading articles that he had available and in the account profile or back office. In this profile, the user can access the Prizes, My Community and Interests modules.

The current design did not match the one in the mobile application, so the design focus was on doing something that followed the brand's guidelines and it will attract attention looking for the user to be motivated to make life in Motivapp.


New Persons register

In the B2B model, user registration was an administrative process that the user was not aware of since they only had to activate their account previously created by the Company and Motivapp.

Now with the B2C model, a Registration flow for people had to be designed that would allow collect the personal data of the person, the plan they wanted to purchase, their interests and even create their community.