UPA Tickets

UPA's in-House
UX UI Design

The challenge

UPA Tickets was born in September 2018 as a platform for the sale of digital tickets to events. During almost a year and a half of operation, more than 400 events were handled, 8,000 users and more than 10,000 tickets sold. We take care of events like Soundscape, FuckUp Night and Pizpa's weekly event grid.

In 2020 our challenge was to make UPA Tickets a platform that could compete at the level of Eventbrite and Ticketplate.

Fast and easy

To be a benchmark in the sector, we were going to need a redesign of the entire platform that focused on what customers needed, that the process of buying a ticket be quick and simple.

For a person who wanted to attend an event, it should be as simple as entering a website and being able to immediately see the featured event of the day or week. In the detail of the event, the information on the types and prices of tickets, date, location and accessibility to the event should be very clear.

UPA Tickets

"UPA Tickets will handle my event"

For the organizers, we had to guarantee a ridiculously simple flow of organization and management of events in which they could have at hand the number of tickets sold, money received, allocation of courtesy tickets, access list, type of access and even a log of changes made.

UPA Tickets must make life easier for the organizers, not more difficult, that was our focus when making any decision at the design level.


Customer Journey of the assistant, organizer and administrator of UPA Tickets, responsive design of more than 200 screens, purchase process tested with a functional prototype giving a time between 3 and 5 minutes. Design of a back office for the organizers that meets most of their needs in terms of metrics and event management.